Video Production Bootcamp
Video Production Bootcamp

Intensive Bootcamp Schedule:


Embed a 2 min video on your website to get you  more business by the end of the day

# Intro to the benefits of video and how we can apply it to your site, your best landing pages etc. What type of videos do you want to make?

# Script writing and storyboarding

# Rehearsals

# Shooting direct to camera

# External B Roll footage (to an extent)

# Extra Motion Effects & Graphics

# Logo intro and music

# Editing

# Design and write up of video marketing strategy, plus 3 main other areas that have a massive impact on your bottom line. Email Marketing, Website Performance and Paid Search

# 8 hours, £300.00 ex VAT, includes lunch.

"I asked Mark of The Website Video Company to produce a promotional video for use on my website. I thought this process was going to take weeks of planning, filming and editing using a lot of my time and costing a fortune. Surprisingly, Mark had a fast 1 day filming service and produced a video for me the same week. It cost me less than a days effort and the result was a professional promotional video for my site. We filmed the video in 8 takes which would have been 1 if not for my mistakes but Mark was patient and helpful and we got there. All in all great service and great result, would definitely use again."

Bernie Rainer Guy - Whiteley PA Hire

Looking forward to hearing from you.