The seeds were sown for the Website Video Company back in August 2013. I have decided to specialise predominantly in video and results from video and this is why I feel the Website Video company is different. I have always had a profound sense that marketing can be expensive, selling expensive things can be stressful and it’s easy to forget over time, disorganise and scatter over many devices, the visual memories that you have of loved ones.


Originally I was going to target solely the commercial world however now I am happily adding services for the domestic market. Personally I am a huge fan of emotionally connective stories told through video and adding video can help you stand out from the crowd, maximising the probability you will get the results you are after. That’s part of the problem solved. The other is wrapping everything up in one place so it makes it easier for you. You are not left with the dilemma of “”Here’s your video, good luck”” nor “”You really should consider video, we’d like to help but….””. With The Website Video Company we are there for you every step of the way.


In business, paying lip service to search engine optimisation isn’t going to cut it, I feel it’s better to get your ducks in a row so as soon as possible your website starts to convert, allowing further continued investment in marketing. This is why I specialise in 4 pillars (4 ducks we get in a row) of online marketing, video, email marketing, paid search and website conversion rate optimisation.


Outside of business for example, selling high end stuff can come down to comparables. Why not stand out, tell a GREAT story, get the best price?


I would be honoured if you checked out the other videos in this Potential section. Hopefully you are a little bit more intrigued about my approach. Drop me a line anytime, or we could meet. I would love to work with you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.